10" Magflowmeter 300#

SKU: p-1122

IFC 300

High measuring accuracy and long-term stability : ±0.15% of measured value ± 1 mm/s
Optimal zero point stability independent from product properties
Superior process reliability thanks to standard integrated diagnostics: testing of device functions, check for compliance with specifications and application testing
Available inputs and outputs: Current output (incl. HART®), pulse/frequency output, status output, control input and current input
Suitable for both partially filled and fully filled pipelines
Approved for custody transfer according to OIML R 49 and R 117-1, MI-001 and MI-005 (optional)
Integrated temperature and conductivity measurement
Optionally available virtual reference offers cost savings and increased process reliability as grounding electrodes and rings are no longer needed
One converter for all applications, and thus advantages with regard to procurement, engineering and stock-keeping
Manufacturer Krohne
Atex ATEX EEx dqe [ia] II C T3 - T6
Range 0 to 33000 liters/min
Accuracy ± 0,2% of mv
Connection in 300# RF
Connection out 300# RF
Weight 130 kilo
Dimension face to face dim 500 mm