580EHX 2600 bar

SKU: p-1472

Primary standards for Pressure Calibration

The base features a high pressure dual area screw-press
which allows for low pressure priming and high pressure
control. The base incorporates high pressure hydraulic
connections and pipework, connected to a gauge stand
which uses DH-Budenberg's standard high pressure cone-joint
connections. The piston stand is elevated from the base to
allow an overhang weight set to be used, giving extra
stability at higher pressures. Additional support is provided
in the base by means of five adjustable feet, one of which
directly supports the piston and mass set.
The 580EHX uses a well-proven patented design in it's dual
area piston /cylinder unit with 1/8in2 and 1/160in2 areas.
Changing between ranges is fully automated, meaning that
users have an extremely flexible instrument covering the
range with one piston/cylinder assembly and one weight set.
The low pressure piston/high pressure cylinder is
tungsten carbide, other parts are fully hardened and
stabilised tool steel.

Data sheet

Budenberg 580 EHX engl.pdf