Atex camera

SKU: p-10010

Xcorder EX4000 is a lightweight and compact EX-approved camera that takes both stills and video.

Pixavi Xcorder EX4000 is approved for Zone 1 and 2, but is still compact and weighs only 600 grams. The images have 8 megapixel and video stored in 720p quality. Data is written to the internal memory and the images can be transferred wirelessly, directly to the laptop or PC, or the supplied WiDrive for transfer to PC later. Xcode EX4000 also have the option of storing directly via a wireless network. The camera has both touch screen and buttons, making it an easy to betjenne both with and without hand-written. The internal battery provides 6 hours of continuous use.

Certification: IECEx and ATEX EX Zone 1 and 2, gas group IIC. (EX mb ib [ib] IIC T6)
Connections: Component HD video input,, Ethernet, USB, Composite Video, DC input to, SMA antenna connector, DC output
Codec, speaker, microphone, TFT LCD screen (640 x 480) touchscreen, integrated battery charger
Storage on internal flash card or wirelessly
Dimensions: 140 x 102 x 25mm