Bladder Accumulator 2 x 20L

SKU: p-1290

EHV bladder accumulator
Large accumulator volumes
Oiltech offer high-quality bladder accumulators for mobile and industrial applications. EHV bladder accumulator is ideal when large accumulator volumes, fast discharges or when a quick reaction on small differences in pressure is a requirement. The bladder is available in qualities, compatible with most system fluids and working temperatures

Manufacturer Olaer
Range 20 L / 690 bar
Max working pressure 690 bar
Connection in 9/16'' AE MP female
Connection out 9/16'' Ae MP female
Weight 385 kilo
Dimension 700 x 1400 x 400 mm

Data sheet

Olaer EHV-EHVF Accumulators[1].pdf