Budenberg 580HX Dead Weight Tester

SKU: p-1413

The 580HX is a dual area piston/cylinder unit with 1/8in² and 1/160in² areas. Changing between ranges is fully adutomated meaning that users have an extremely flexible instrument covering the range with one piston/cylinder assembly and one weight set. The low pressure piston/high pressure cylinder is tungsten carbide, other parts are fully hardened and stabilised tool steel.
The 580 series base can be used with any of the 580 series pistons to give ranges 1-120 bar with a 580L, 2-300 bar with a 580M, 1-700 bar with a 580DX and 1-1200 bar with a 580HX.
All units are top loading for ease of use and weight sets are fully
interchangeable. This means that
weight sets in alternative pressures are readily available and customers with more than one 580 series tester can interchange weight sets between testers of the same range.
The base features a dual area
screwpress which allows low pressure priming and high pressure control.

  • 580HX Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester
  • Ranges:
  • 1,200 bar
  • 16,000 psi
  • 120,000 kPa
  • 1,200 Kg/cm²
  • Standard Accuracy to 0.015%
  • Class "A" with UKAS Accuracy to 0.01%