Fluxus F608 ATEX

SKU: p-1103

Flowmeter for rental

The new FLUXUS F608 portable flow meter is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile F601, but has been specifically engineered for its use within hazardous areas and is covered by an ATEX certification.

Thus, users are not anymore obliged to obtain a Hot Work Permit, making the access to ATEX Zones much easier and less time consuming.

Operating temperature of the transmitter  -10°C to +60°C 
Flow channels  2 
Degree of protection  IP65, acc. to EN 60529 
Explosion protection  ATEX Zone 2, Transducers: ATEX Zone 1 and 2 
Accuracy (standard / field calibrated)  1.6% of reading +/- 0.01 m/s / 0.5% of reading +/- 0.01 m/s 
Battery  Li-Ion, 7.2 V/4.5 Ah, > 14 hours operating time 
Weight of Transmitter  1.9 kg 
Inputs and Outputs    
Standard Version  Outputs: 2 x current, 2 x binary, 
Energy Version  Inputs: 2 x Pt 100/Pt1000; Outputs: 2 x current, 2 x binary 

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