Hioki 3470 Magnet Field HiTester

SKU: p-10009

Magnetic flux density (Band) 10 Hz to 400 kHz / 10Hz to2 kHz / 2kHz to 400 kHz ( Measurement ranges Magnetic flux density : 2.000µT/ 20.00µT/200.0µT/2.000mT)

Exposure level measurements for compliance testing
A choice of two tri-axial isotropic magnetic field sensors
Two magnetic field sensors that have a cross-sectional area of 100 cm2 and 3 cm2, respectively
Memory function for saving measurement data: Store up to 99 measured data items like a digital camera stores images
Three selectable magnetic flux density units: Select T (Tesla), G (Gauss) or A/m
Bundled PC application software: three convenient functions available via the USB interface
Wide 10 Hz – 400 kHz measurement frequency band
Covers both commercial and IH (induction heating) frequency ranges
Output tri-axial waveforms and composite RMS values for analysis on an oscilloscope or monitoring on a PC

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