Hydra SX30

SKU: p-1117

The Polysonics Hydra SX30, has been designed for the measurement of aerated or solids-bearing fluid.

Unlike conventional Doppler flowmeters, which operate at a single frequency, the SX30 generates two independent ultrasonic signals at different frequencies.

By correlating these frequencies, the instrument identifies and eliminates noise errors from sources such as variable frequency drives.

The easy-to-use menu structure makes it an ideal tool for operators of all levels. The flowmeter features a powerful 90,000-point data logger and up to 24-hour battery operation.

Ideal environmental sealing and rugged design allow the instrument to be used in tough conditions.

Applications include the following:

Primary sludge
Activated sludge


Accuracy to ±1%
Simple and easy-to-use
Excellent noise immunity
Serial interface port for data retrieval through HydraScan software
Universal AC adapter charging socket

Data sheet

Polysonics SX30 Doppler.pdf