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Magnet-Ex 12 - Intrinsically Safe Magnet Probe

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Magnet-Ex 12 - Intrinsically Safe Magnet Probe
Magnet-Ex 12 is a pencil sized magnet probe, designed to detect magnetic fields in ex-hazardous areas. Within seconds it is possible to detect whether or not a solenoid valve is electrically activated. Connection to electronic circuitry or opening of terminal boxes is rendered unnecessary.
The highly sensitive probe point of the Magnet-Ex 12 only needs to be brought near the coil of a solenoid valve, if the probe shows a red light this indicates that the magnet is activated. In the same manner tests can be carried out on flowmeters or any other equipment that is working magnetically, even when located in ex-hazardous areas.
The Magnet-Ex 12 comes with an integral test magnet that is securely fitted in such a way that it cannot be easily lost. Using this magnet, tes

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