Mod 4

SKU: p-1251

Thickness Gauge

Cygnus 4 thickness gauge with a keyboard and backlit LCD screen. The instrument has a rugged housing that protects against dust and water (IP 65).

 The instrument can measure through the entire 20mm thick coatings such as paint, epoxy, etc., and a wall thickness in the range from 1 to 250mm (depending on probevalg). As standard, the measuring instrument with a 2.25MHz 13mm (diameter) sensor for the measurement of wall thickness in the range 3 to 250mm.

 - Backlit display
 - Robust construction (shock and protected to IP65)
 - Stable calibration, linear accuracy and no reset required
 - Verifies the test result itself to ensure the test result
 - Several different probes
 - Easy setting for changing the speed of sound (adaptation to other goods materials)
 - Indicator for signal quality
 - Calibrated to a known thickness or a known speed of sound
 - Low battery indicator
 - Units can be changed

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