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Rental of Flir T1020

FLIR T1020 HD Thermal Camera
Exceptional precision optics, outstanding image quality, robust and ergonomic design. The innovation you have always wanted!

FLIR T1020 is the result of over 50 years of expertise in infrared technology. This camera is designed for thermographers who need the highest quality without compromising on anything. There is simply no better thermal imager on the commercial market today! The T1020 is both designed and manufactured by FLIR, and is designed to provide the best sharpness, level of detail and temperature accuracy on the market. We already have several satisfied owners of FLIR T1020 among our customers. If you want the best of the best, get in touch to book a demonstration today.

Specially designed for professional users with a sense of quality, functionality and extreme performance
HD thermogram lets you watch more than ever before
Create thermograms with up to 3.1 megapixel resolution with UltraMax image processing function
Continuous autofocus contributes to increased efficiency in the field
Take pictures from twice as long as before, and work safer
Thermal sensitivity is 2.5x better than ordinary high-end professional cameras
Never miss a thing, record full radiometric video directly in the camera
Can be delivered with several different types of lenses so that you are always prepared for the jobs you are facing
The specifications of the T1020 may look very good on paper, but this camera just has to be experienced!