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Hydrocarbons in water/ soil

TD-3100 Features

•Simple set-up and calibration
•Low cost per sample analysis
•Less than 10 seconds per sample
•Calibrated methods for quantitative analysis
•Un-calibrated method for relative measurements
•Results correlate to standard methods
•Quick-change optics for multiple applications
•Detection limits range from ppb to ppm depending on application
•Solid Reference Standards available for quick performance checks
•Sample compartment accommodates 25 x 150 mm round, 13 x 100 mm round, or 10 x 10 mm square cuvettes

Applications include:
•Heat Exchanger Leak Detection
•Produced Water
•Industrial Wastewater
•Ground Water
•Storm Water
•Bilge Water
•Soil Extract Analysis

Target Hydrocarbons
•Crude Oil
•Jet Fuel
•Fuel Oils
•Heat Transfer Fluids
•Transformer Oils
•Lube Oils
•Hydraulic Oils

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