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Teleflex M

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Teleflex M
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical data:
DIN ISO 9001
Ranges: 80 m to 160 km at v/2 = 80 m/μs
Pulse width: 50 ns, 100 ns, 200 ns, 500 ns,
1 μs, 2 μs, 5 μs
Resolution: max. 0.2 m
Max. sampling rate: 100 MHz
Update rate: approx. 5 pictures / sec.
v/2 settings: 10 … 150 m/μs or ft/μs
Dynamic range: 80 dB
Output impedance: 50 Ω
Compensation: 25 … 1.6 kΩ adjustable
in steps
Operational modes: Symmetrical reflection measurement
Differential measurement
Core comparison
Impulse current
Arc reflection Method ARM
Active arc stabilisation KLV
Voltage decay method
Display: 10.4" - colour-TFT, 640 x 480 Pixel
Internal memory: for 35 traces
Interfaces: RS 232 for PC
Supply: 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA

Description of Operation
The Teleflex M is a modern, microprocessor controlled reflectometer
for cable fault location on electricity networks. Menu
driven operation and the automatic test sequence make for
extreme ease of use.
Data acquired can be printed out directly to a printer or archived
and analysed via Winkis database software.
The Teleflex M performs the following tests:
Pulse Reflection tests
Impulse Current Method
Active Arc Reflection Method ARM
Voltage Decay Method
ARM Burning

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