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Teleflex VX

SKU: p-10054

Teleflex VX ekkometer for energikabler og ekstreme kabellengder


Features of Teleflex VX:

Bright and large display
Easiest operation via self guiding and explaining menus
ARM Multishot technology
Automatic storage of all results
Supports all existing prelocation technologies
Automatic detection and display of cable end and fault position
The Teleflex VX presents the latest development of the Teleflex series. Like all Teleflex reflectometers, the Teleflex VX is specially designed to capture the fast processes during the fault location in power cables. It presents the consequent continuation of the Linux based Teleflex MX

The operation is reduced to the essential steps, and runs mostly automatically. The completely new hardware of the Teleflex VX with significantly improved parameters, as for example sampling frequency, pulse width and pulse amplitude results in ranges of up to 1000 km, but also in highest resolution in the close range.

Measuring hardware and display are separated, and communicate via Ethernet. This allows the easy integration into a fault location system and allows the operation in offshore application, for example, the remote operation in ROV’s.

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