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Torkel 950 220A 500V

SKU: p-10056

Megger TORKEL 950 is the fourth generation in the series of Megger's reliable test discharge systems for battery. Discharge testing is the only test method that provides a comprehensive insight into battery capacity, and is therefore an important part of battery maintenance program. Tests can be performed with constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. Together with the cell voltage logger, BVM, which is connected directly to the TORKEL 900, there will be a complete stand-alone discharge test system. The TORKEL is connected directly to the battery bank, the discharge current and the alarm levels (voltage, capacity, time) must be set. After starting the discharge, the TORKEL keeps the current constant at the preset level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, TORKEL gives an alarm. If the voltage drops so low that there is a risk of deep battery discharge, the TORKEL will turn off the test. All values ​​are stored in TORKEL and can be easily transferred via a USB stick to a PC for evaluation. Testing can be performed without disconnecting the battery from the equipment. Via a DC current clamp (PGXA12990) the TORKEL measures total battery current while it is regulated at a constant level. Furthermore, the high discharge capacity of TORKEL provides the opportunity to shorten the test time. Discharge can take place at up to 220 A, and if higher current is required, two or more TORKEL units or additional load units, TXL, can be connected.