Vibration Data Collector

SKU: p-1490

Oneprod Falcon

The ultimate portable vibration data collector and analyzer. With a wide range of optional features available, the FALCON can be configured to perform balancing, run up coast down, frequency analysis and more.
Wireless vibration analysis
Graphical, touch screen interface
Three-axis wireless sensor
Ideal for route-based maintenance
Fast vibration analysis; each bearing takes an average of 8 seconds to measure!
Available in three configurations: Essential, Smart, and Expert
Optional balancing feature available
Built-in accessories: stroboscope, pyrometer, camera, QR code reader, and audio comment recorder.
Acquisition of multi-channel time signals up to 80s at 51.2kHz (4 Mega samples)

Data sheet

ACOEM_ACMFLC300xxx (Alle Falcon)1.pdf