Wilden High pressure pump

SKU: p-1457

Wilden Pump & Engineering offers a wide range of robust high pressure pumps with the latest technological advances in air distribution systems. Wildt reliable high pressure pumps are capable of transporting viscous, particulate-filled slurries at high discharge pressure. 
The pumps are air operated simplex or duplex diaphragm pumps do not require expensive external boosters or amplifiers to achieve pressure required for your application, up to 20 bar. 
Typical applications will include: Filtration, transport of viscous sludge, tank cleaning and all industrial applications where one wants the benefits of air operated diaphragm pumps and also require a higher pressure.
Manufacturer WIlden
Max working pressure 17 bar
Connection in 2'' male camlock
Connection out 2'' male camlock
Airsupply connection Offshore crow connection
Weight 350 kilo
Dimension 1000x1000x1200 mm

Data sheet

Wilden H800.pdf