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Wireless data logger

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IKM Radio-loggers

The system consists of three main units:
 Field logger and transmitter (with battery pack).
 Logger PC with software

The field logger and transmitter can be used with different battery-packs to obtain necessary operational life-time. Battery packs can be hot-swapped to longer operation.

The radio-system is bi-directional, thus enabling logging and data-accusation in real-time.
If, for any reason, the communication should be interrupted, the logger will store data locally.
Data will automatically be transferred to PC when connection is reestablished.
A sound/flash beacon will automatically warn about communication errors.
All units are packed in rugged waterproof cases.

In special cases, several radio-system can be set up to relay signal to achieve longer distance. This configuration can also be used if signal has to be rerouted, for instance to avoid obstructions between transmitter and receiver.
Receiver can be placed up to 10m from logger PC.

Communication distance up to 3000m.

Data sheet

Radiologger forside og kanal oppsett.pdf