X Viber

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X-Viber is a hand-held vibration measuring instruments for data collection rounds. The instrument has built-in sensors for speed measurement and temperature can be measured at a distance of 1 m from the target object. For vibration measurement connects an external accelerometer, the sensor is included but is replaceable. The software of the instrument can calculate the total levels of vibration, bearing condition and the envelope and contains a number of different filters and device settings. X-Viber can also view a single FFT spectrum analysis of vibration signal. The software has many languages ​​and can easily be changed between: Swedish, English, Czech, Finnish, German, Norwegian, French, Romanian and Magyar. Transfer of data and rounds between instruments and X-Trend PC software is quick and easy via USB.

Samples Commission has the following software enabled on the instrument:
Spectra in route
• Data logging
Amplitude and phase.

X-Viber, the following:

Round Measurement
Vibration level total value
Bearing condition overall value
Envelope total value
• Simple FFT spectra
Speed ​​measurement
Temperature measurement
• Spectrum in round

Data sheet

X-Viber Datablad(NO).pdf